6-Week Short Story Writing Class

Spring 2018
Greenwich, Connecticut




Coming soon to Greenwich, Connecticut!
A new course designed for writers who are looking to improve their creative writing skills.

Classes will meet once a week for six weeks. You'll work on your own writing, learn how to critique and edit short stories, and dive into the practical aspects of writing.


Our classes are intimate, ranging in size from 8-10 writers, which allows for diverse feedback, a range of content, and the space to give each writer a lot of attention. 

Members are expected to submit up to two stories to be workshopped over the course of the class. Stories will be discussed by the group and edited by the instructor. In each workshop, you'll receive a heavy mark up of your story, a document with detailed feedback, and a written guide to improving your writing style. All prepared just for you by the instructor.

Through assigned readings by contemporary short story writers, we'll talk about what it means to:

  • Uncover and strengthen your narrative voice
  • Build full and relatable characters
  • Create realistic and engaging dialogue
  • Shape your story so that it is focused and well-paced
  • Write vibrant and resonant descriptions

Class Takeaways:

• A clear understanding of how to identify and eliminate your poor writing habits
• Assigned readings of work by contemporary short story writers
• Intensive critiques on your short story submissions
• Improved skills for building characters, including gesture, details, and dialogue
• Thorough understanding of the craft of the short story
• Techniques to help you identify when you're falling into your old writing habits



Laura Mae Isaacman (lauraisaacman.com) spent six years as editor of the literary magazines Tweed's Magazine of Literature & Art and The Coffin Factory, which have been featured in the New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Poets & Writers, and Library JournalShe has worked with  Joyce Carol Oates, Lydia Davis, Lara Vapnyar, Aimee Bender, David James Poissant, Kathleen Alcott,  Justin Taylor, César Aira, Chiara Barzini, and Sergio Chejfec. You can find her recent webinars at Writer's Digest and The Write Practice. She is an editor for the NYC Emerging Writers Fellowship at The Center for Fiction. 


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