The Road Map

a nudge in the right direction

Own your style + start getting published.

If you want your story to make it out of the slush pile, you've got to know how to work it.

We'll show you how to embrace your narrative style, improve your story, and rise above the competition.

The result? You get published. 


The Process:



Step 1. We start with an set of questions to shape the outcome of your edit so that our feedback is specific to you and your needs. We’ll figure out where you want to submit, what you’re trying to work through in your story, narrative perspective, voice and style, and what you’re struggling with most in your writing.

Step 2. Send us your story! Within 7 days, we'll send you a 2-3 page brief that identifies exactly what you need to do to improve your story and a plan to move forward. We'll also do a light mark up of your story with comments in the margin to provide specific examples of characters, language, or narrative that can be strengthened. 


Feedback may include specific suggestions on how to: 

•Strengthen character descriptions, development, and complexity
•Eliminate inconsistencies in your narrative tone and style
•Refocus the core intent of the story
•Restructure the story to maximize impact
•Build the story in areas that feel undeveloped
•Identify and correct repetitive narrative weaknesses


You get total clarity + an action plan.