I couldn’t be any more pleased with Laura’s professionalism, insight, and dedication. She took the time to understand my book on its terms and her edits worked to amplify and clarify my voice. She surpassed my expectations of what I expected from a copy editor. A+ all across the board, and I look forward to working with her again.
— Allen Augustin, author of BEN'S BEST

Laura provided exactly what I needed: Clear, concise suggestions on how to improve my novel.
— George Nicholas, author of 10 HOURS BY FERRY FROM MADAGASCAR

Laura Mae is professional and thorough, and her feedback is insightful and constructive. I’d work with her again given the chance, and I’d recommend her to anyone else.
— Kirk Kjeldsen, author of THE DEPTHS

Laura told me what four other editors didn’t.
— Linda Bernal, October 2017

Laura is a fantastic editor, professional, experienced, with a great enthusiasm and appreciation for fiction and a grounded approach to attending to the nuts and bolts of craft. She is open about her thoughts and criticisms in terms of content, style and structure, but she’s also very attuned to what I’m trying to make happen, an important balance that gives me a sense that she’s guiding me in the direction my writing is already trying to take me.
— Dov Zeller, author of BOOK OF HATS
Laura’s feedback and written deliverables were extremely valuable to the improvement of my manuscript. Additionally, the time we spent talking on the phone about the desires of what the novel wants to be really helped to guide me to a stronger backbone to anchor the book to. She challenges the author to really get at what the story being told is, as well as diving deeper into the minds of the characters in that story.
— Aaron Bowman, author of MEDIUM

Laura Mae was great to work with! She was able to offer insight that supported my vision, while offering thoughtful counterpoints and citing weak points in my novel when and where necessary. She seems to have a good grasp of what was required for successful writing in any genre, and even with my particular book (which was a difficult story to tell and to read) she was able to provide professional, unbiased feedback while supporting my point-of-view. I would highly recommend collaborating with her.
— Kirk Donlan, author of CONTEMPORARY

Laura went above and beyond to help me improve my short story. I can not recommend her enough. Her notes were encouraging, clear, and thoughtful.
— Erin Augustine
I got more than I had expected, not just with a content overview of my novel and its weaker points, but character analysis and restructuring ideas and chapter-by-chapter notes.
— Karen Garrett, author of COLORBLIND
Laura’s work was thorough and thoughtful. In addition to precise copy edits, she also provided many suggestions to help take my work deeper.
— Lisa Manterfield, author of A Strange Companion

Laura is an amazing editor that put so much of her effort in my manuscript and turned it into a well-polished book. I am amazed at her attention to detail and meticulous editing of sentences to convey ideas in the best possible way, without changing my author voice. Open and frank communication was great. There is so much I learned from her. I would certainly recommended Laura to any author looking to take his book to the next level, and would ask her help again on my next book.
— Jean Paul Zoghbi, author of The Power of Time Perception

I can’t say enough about Laura. She’s conscientious and meticulous; she’s timely and kind; she’s an excellent communicator and really knows her stuff. She went above and beyond at every turn, and always availed herself to me for questions—big or small. I will most definitely work with her again on future releases.
— Brent Jones, author of The Fifteenth of June

A valuable asset in my effort to write something worth reading. Laura was a pleasure to work with: great attitude, very professional, makes good use of the Chicago Manual of Style, and she is a nice person. Accomplished the work on time and answered my follow-up questions. I highly recommend Laura.
— Eddie Reeves, author of When Sin Stops